Smoked Pork Belly
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Smoked Pork Belly

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Pork belly is the flesh from the belly area of the pig. For this specific cut we remove ribs and keep the skin on the belly. and ribs. The meat is marinated before smoking, as it will keep the meat tender and juicy, as well as add another dimension of flavor to the meat. Also, the taste of product is strongly enhanced by the aromas of the wood used for smoking. This is why we use smoking wood which is completely natural, untreated with no nasty chemicals - 100% high quality wood with nothing added but nature and time. 



Pork Belly, Water, Salt, Dry Garlic, Pal Cure (Salt, Sodium Nitrite), Sodium Ascorbate

Essential Cooking Instructions:

Product is raw and must be thoroughly cooked before consumption core temperature >75°C